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Whether you’re a native San Diego resident or a visitor form out of town, spending your time with a hot babe is awesome for any occasion. San Diego is such an awesome city with so much to do that booking a San Diego escort is just the cherry on top. If this is your first time with an escort, don’t worry, we’ll make sure you feel comfortable knowing that all your information is completely confidential and we won’t share it with anyone. We will gladly answer any questions you have about any of our women or how the process works and we’ll make sure the entire experience is as simple and easy as possible, while of course super fun and unforgettable!

Just take a look around at some of our hot babes and if you happen to not find one that suits exactly what you’re looking for that’s not a problem since we don’t post all our girls online, so just let us know exactly what youre looking for and we’ll set you up with that dream girl for you right away. Don’t wait any longer, call us today!

San Diego Escorts

San Diego escorts
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San Diego escorts
(760) 510-1818

San Diego escorts
(760) 510-1818

San Diego escorts
(760) 510-1818

San Diego escorts
(760) 510-1818

San Diego escorts
(760) 510-1818

San Diego escorts
(760) 510-1818

San Diego escorts
(760) 510-1818

San Diego escorts
(760) 510-1818

San Diego escorts
(760) 510-1818

San Diego escorts
(760) 510-1818

San Diego escorts
(760) 510-1818


San Diego has a lot of advantages when it comes to living and visiting here. The diverse mix of people is simply stunning and almost ensures that you will find others who are like-minded at some point in time. Time though might be exactly what you don’t have in our busy world of today. With the range of responsibilities that are so often faced by men today, it can be difficult to find a high quality woman to relax with when you finally do have a few minutes to yourself.

This is where Ladies of San Diego can step in and provide our services to you. We are here to help you with that aspect of your life and are able to do so only 30 minutes after you contact us. At Ladies of San Diego, we have gathered the most beautiful and charming women in the entire city in one convenient place.

As a major hub of the economic world, San Diego gets many men here on business. At Ladies of San Diego, we make it easy to find lovely ladies to spend an enjoyable evening or weekend with. Our unique service gives you all the wonderful advantages of having a girlfriend such as undivided attention and companionship with none of the disadvantages such as jealousy and demanding attention when you are unwilling or unable to give it.

There is a special type of woman that enjoys giving men the experience of a lifetime. These women are fun, spontaneous, classy, drop-dead gorgeous, open-minded, witty, adventurous, and more. Not just any lady can be a part of Ladies of San Diego though. We have a stringent application process that includes extensive background checks. Only the very best women make the cut to become available to our clients. After all, we want only the best for you.

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Women with those soft, curvy creatures that give men an immense amount of pleasure and happiness can often seem to also be so illusive and mysterious. Of course, not just any woman will do when it comes to finding the perfect girlfriend material. Our aim here at Ladies of San Diego, is to provide you with all the wonderful things that go with having a girlfriend with none of the hassles and frustrations that you might experience in a more traditional setting.

San Diego is a large city with a diverse population that offers a wide range of different events and activities to choose from. Although its size ensures that you could have the opportunity to meet the type of woman you are looking for, if you are like many men you find that process more than a little challenging. With these busy times, many men find that they simply lack the time and energy to devote to finding a suitable woman.

After all, finding a lady who is potentially girlfriend material is only the first step in a long process that might or might not end up like you envision. All the wooing, wining and dining takes time, effort and money that you might not be able or want to invest. At Ladies of San Diego, we do all the hard work of finding fabulous women and ensuring they meet our strict standards before we offer their escort services to you.

San Diego is a popular place for business men to travel. This can make it difficult to find a girlfriend in the city so that you have someone to make the long nights less lonely. Even if you are a resident of the city, you might find that your job and home responsibilities make it difficult for you to meet the kind of women that you desire. Finding a woman who is girlfriend material is a lot more difficult than it seems like it should be. At Ladies of San Diego, we are here to help you find the perfect woman to meet your needs, whatever they might be.

Unlike a typical girlfriend, our escorts want only to make you happy. They are eager to discover what you want and deliver it to you with personality. You will never have to worry about a jealous woman who wants more from you than you want to offer her. At Ladies of San Diego, you are in total control of the situation. Want to go out on the town with a gorgeous and personable woman on your arm? Our escorts specialize in this type of event. Simply want to unwind in your hotel room after a long day of business meetings? Your escort can help you with this!

Still Not Convinced? Let Us Explain In More Detail

We understand that you might still not be convinced. Let’s discuss in more detail the many reasons that hiring a San Diego escort is right for you. Maybe you’re hesitant to hire a San Diego escort because you’re worried about the expense. Maybe you’re not sure about the time you’ve already devoted to dating, and you’re wondering if there might not be a better way. Perhaps you’re concerned about how you’ll be perceived. Maybe, just maybe, you’re not sure how you think about yourself. Well, worry no more, because the Ladies of San Diego will change your perspective forever… while improving your take on dating and romance in ways that you never thought possible. Quite simply, we will revolutionize your concept of dating… and when we’re done, you’ll thank us even though we’ve spoiled you for traditional relationships forever.

You see, our San Diego escorts are beautiful women who are also professional entertainers. When you go out on the town with a professional entertainer rather than a non-professional, “amateur” woman, a great deal changes. Suddenly, you have a lot more options available to you. Suddenly, you are being treated with the respect that you deserve. Suddenly, you are able to sit back and relax and enjoy yourself when you are on a date, rather than worry the whole time about how things are going, whether you’ll be able to secure a follow-up date, what you’re young lady is thinking about at any given moment, and whether you’ll become the butt of somebody’s joke when she tells her friend what she thought about you.

The fact is, when you book a San Diego escort, you are getting the best of all possible worlds. Every man desires feminine companionship, but the ways in which he finds it may be unsatisfying to a variety of degrees. Nothing about booking a San Diego escort is less than everything you want. It is, in fact, everything you want and nothing you don’t. You can spend time with a beautiful woman, know that your privacy is being protected, skip the drama and baggage of traditional dating, and go home with a guaranteed smile on your face, confident that you have made memories you will cherish until your next visit to the city… or your next visit with one of our lovely ladies. Let’s explore, therefore, some of the reasons you should remember that San Diego escorts are your best option for female companionship in the modern world.

San Diego Escorts are Cost-Effective

You already know that it costs a great deal of money to date the “normal,” traditional way. But have you ever really stopped to think just how much money is involved in conventional dating from start to finish? Let’s say you decide to go the Internet dating route. This seems like an inexpensive way to meet multiple women, at least potentially… right? Well, the fact is, when you engage in Internet dating, you can spend a great deal of money just setting up the appropriate premium memberships. You see, the best sites, the sites that give you access to multiple women and which are more “action” oriented, require you to pay for a membership every month, every three months, every six months, or every year. This gives you access to all areas of the site and allows the most number of women to contact you (including those who themselves do not have paid memberships, which is one of the inducements to get the paid membership).

What’s worse, the site will repeatedly send you messages claiming that women are trying to contact you, but to read the messages, you have to pay for a membership if you don’t already have one. By the time you add up all the money you’re spending just to belong to the site, you’re spending a small fortune before you’ve even really used any of the site’s features.

Once you do start using the website, you’re in for another rude surprise. There are so many men on Internet dating sites that the average woman’s message inbox, even for the unattractive women, is overflowing with messages from prospective dates. There simply aren’t enough women on these websites, and there are plenty of men looking for attention. Quite a few of them have low self-esteem and will choose the less attractive women to target for messages. The result is that the average woman on these dating sites, no matter what she looks like and no matter what her profile says, is swamped with messages and gets more than she can answer. There is an attitude that develops on these websites in which the women feel entitled to all this attention. So they don’t even bother to respond to many of the messages they receive.

The result, for you, is that you pay for membership in these sites and send countless messages to women who ignore you. If you do end up hearing back from them, it may be weeks of trading largely meaningless messages in which you “try to get to know each other,” most of those exchanges leading to exactly nothing. If you do finally go out on some dates, there’s absolutely no guarantee that they will go well. In fact, most Internet dates go extremely poorly, because trading messages with a stranger for a few weeks is a remarkably bad way to get to know someone. The ultimate result is total and utter failure. You have wasted your money and your precious time, but you are no farther along in the game of feminine companionship than you were when you began.

Let us say that you’ve finally met a woman through some other means. Chances are you spent a great deal of your money on drinks and meals meeting women and trying to secure that precious follow-up date. How many dinners did you buy? How many cups of coffee? How many cover charges did you pay? How many movies did you buy tickets to? You go through all this for week after week, and when you finally meet a woman who might be a potential match, you never know if she will, on a whim, decide that you simply aren’t the right one for her. So again, you have wasted a fortune and you have nothing to show for that fact. You are no better off than you were when you started.

A San Diego escort, by contrast, is very cost effective. When you book one of our lovely ladies, she meets you at the location to which the two of you agree, promptly and right when you need her. To meet her and to book her, you don’t have to go through a lengthy process during which you spend all kinds of money on the things we mentioned. You don’t even have to have a membership to look through our site. All you have to do is page through the profiles at our website, find the lovely girl who best fires your imagination, and reach out to us, describing to us what you want and any special considerations and preferences you might have.

We will make sure the girl we book for you is precisely what you are looking for, and if we don’t have the one you want or you don’t see what you’d like, we will reach out to our extended network of San Diego escorts and find a young lady who will make you happy. There is no mess, there is no fuss, there is no hassle, and there are no extraneous expenses. All you pay is the fee for the booking. The money you then spend on your date will be the most efficient use of your resources that you have enjoyed in a long time. There is nothing wasted, and that is what is so wonderful about the San Diego escort experience. You will be thrilled at how easy the process is, and you will be amazed that you ever wasted your money on the traditional, conventional way to meet women and attempt to spend time with them.

San Diego Escorts are Time-Efficient

You already know that the traditional, conventional method of meeting women and dating them is not cost-effective. It wastes a lot of time and money, as we’ve discussed. But you must also realize that all that wasted money has a counterpart in wasted time. This wasted time is, in many ways, worse than the money spent. You could argue that every man has to spend his money on something, and if he is doing well financially, blowing money on dating site memberships, coffee shop visits, fancy dinners, cover charges, and tickets to the theater is really no big deal. After all, you’ve got to eat anyway, right? And if you meet some women along the way, it’s not a total waste, is it?

The problem is that even if you have the money to blow, the time that you spend spinning your wheels in this traditional dating nightmare is time you can never get back. If you spend weeks and months trying to meet someone and never getting anywhere, with the result that at the end of the process, you are right where you started (only poorer), then arguably you are worse off, and in a worse financial and social position, than if you had stayed home and never bothered to try in the first place. You are just as alone, and perhaps just as lonely and without female companionship, only you have wasted all that time you could have spent doing just about anything else. Even sitting in your living room watching television or playing video games would at least be relaxing and fun. Wasting your time dating to no result certainly isn’t enjoyable.

When you choose to book a San Diego escort, you are booking a beautiful young lady for precisely the time that you want her. It goes beyond the convenience of just having her arrive promptly whenever is most convenient for your schedule. It even goes beyond the convenience of having your date last only as long as you want it to, with your San Diego escort leaving promptly when it’s no longer convenient to have her with you. No, what is great about the service we offer is the predictability of the scheduling. Your escort will never cancel on you at the last minute because she doesn’t feel well, or because she’s not in the mood, or because some silly drama came up with her friends or her family or her life in general. If the escort you have originally booked becomes unavailable for any reason, we will gladly substitute a young lady whose company you will enjoy just as much.

The benefit of booking a San Diego escort, therefore, is consistency, punctuality, and consistent reliability. These are qualities sorely lacking in traditional dating of non-professional girls. Every man is familiar with how often a normal girl makes him wait, makes him late, doesn’t show up, or cancels at the last minute. Booking a San Diego escort means you will never be left high and dry holding the bag before the big night you had planned. Nobody likes that feeling of being left behind, of being ditched because a better offer apparently came along. Our girls will never treat you that way, and will in fact go out of their way to see to it that you know you are the most important thing on their minds. This is part of the service we offer and the reason that dating our girls is so enjoyable.

San Diego Escorts are Completely Discreet

Another aspect of our society, particularly where dating in the conventional, traditional manner is concerned, is just how little privacy men enjoy these days. Did you know there are entire websites devoted to women spinning tall tales, lies, and partial truths about the men that they date? Sites that urge women not to date specific men, whose names are given on the site by often anonymous posters, have cropped up all over the Internet. These websites exist to essentially blackmail men. If you don’t do exactly as your date says, she could post your name to the site, warning anyone who reads her biased account all of the terrible things she accuses you of. (Some of them might be true, but let’s be honest: Rarely do these sites tell the truth.)

Websites of this type hide behind legal protections for third-party content, and they claim they will sue anyone who dares to demand that they remove false, libelous, and defamatory information. The truth is that if someone complains, sometimes the material will be removed, and sometimes, they even offer to take your money in exchange for having the falsehoods purged (which is basically blackmail). And it all happens because men have no expectation of privacy anymore. The moment you date a “regular” girl, you have to wonder if the story of the two of you dating is going to be all over the Internet. You have to wonder if her account is going to be truthful. You have to wonder how it might hurt your reputation and even your job prospects in the future… because of course the first thing anyone does when they consider hiring you is do an Internet search for your name.

When you book a San Diego escort, by contrast, you enjoy our ironclad guarantee of confidentiality. We do not sell your financial information to any third-party spamming lists or similar entities. We don’t store any financial information about your transaction with us except for what is need for tax purposes and business records. We don’t tell anyone that you used our service, ever, and we respect your privacy and your confidentiality from the first moments that you contact us in order to inquire about booking a San Diego escort. Our commitment to your privacy, however, does not stop at these measures. It extends to how we train and screen our talent.

Specifically, every girl who works with LadiesofSanDiego.com is screened for her ability to respect your privacy. She is then trained in how to keep her client’s information confidential. She will not discuss anything about the booking with any other person. She will share nothing that you say to her or tell her during the course of your date with any person outside our company. On top of that, she will not breathe a word of your conversations with her to any of her fellow San Diego escorts. This is the discretion we offer you. This total privacy contrasts sharply to the types of gossip that women, ordinary non-professional women, are likely to engage when you date them.

When you go out with an amateur, “normal” girl, you never really know what she’s going to spread around online about you. Chances are good that she’s telling her friends and her family about you, and what she tells them may not be good (or entirely truthful). Only when you book one of our luscious San Diego escorts do you also get a guarantee of total privacy and discretion. We think this, alone, sets the bar very high for female companionship. It’s worth this privacy to book your young lady from among our staff.

San Diego Escorts Improve How Others’ See You

There’s another reason you should consider booking a San Diego escort, however, and that is if you care about truly being seen as the kind of man who command the attention of the world’s sexiest women. You see, we normally rank highly in our minds any man whom we see in the company of a beautiful woman. It’s entirely normal to estimate a man’s value more highly when you see that he has the arm, and the attention, of a lovely lady. All straight men wish to spend time in the company of beautiful women. This is a fact both of our society and of our genetic drives. We all want to know that we are worthy of attractive, young, healthy women, and a man who has a young beauty on his arm is assumed by those who see him to be the kind of man who is worthy of that attention.

Perhaps they think you have money. Perhaps they think you have power. Perhaps they think you have a great personality and loads of confidence. Maybe they even think you are hung like a horse. No matter what they are thinking about you when they see you with an incredibly beautiful woman, you can bet that what they are thinking is flattering and positive, and it makes you look good. Whatever those who see you are thinking about you, it is bound to be an improvement over whatever they might have been thinking about you if they saw you just strolling around by yourself. This is a fact. The presence of a beautiful woman has a remarkable effect on those who see her, and who see you with her. But there is slightly more to it than that.

San Diego Escorts Improve How Your See Yourself

The fact is that when you spend time around beautiful women, while the ways in which others see you will improve, the ways in which you see yourself will also improve. You will be more confident when you spend time with our girls. When you spend time getting to know these gorgeous ladies, when you talk to them, get close to them, spend time with them, have fun with them, you will naturally become accustomed to the experience. The more experience you have, the more confident you will be around other attractive women, even women who are not escorts. The result will be that all women who interact with you will find you more confident and self-possessed, and they will be attracted to that confidence accordingly. Absolutely nothing turns a woman on more than a man who is confident and in control of himself.

San Diego Escorts Are So Much Better Than The Traditional Dating Process

Have you ever stopped to think about just how much better San Diego escorts are when compared to Internet dating? Chances are good that you have been sold the bill of goods that Internet dating is the way to improve your chances of finding a lovely, willing young lady to date. This is because Internet dating is frequently sold as a “new way” compared to the old-fashioned, conventional way of dating. Let’s stop and think about how the two compare for a moment. When you really compare the process that is traditional dating, the conventional method of meeting women, to the “new” solution of Internet dating, and then to the process of booking San Diego escorts, you will find that Internet dating is no better than conventional dating when it comes to securing you the company of a beautiful young woman to spend time with you. The sad fact is, frequently the only way for you to get the stress free, hassle free companionship of a beautiful woman is to book a San Diego escort. Anything else is bound to disappoint you. So let’s first dissect just what it is about conventional dating that isn’t good, and examine the claim that Internet dating is somehow superior to that. Again, keep in mind that for your whole life, you have been sold the notion that conventional dating is the best way for you to achieve the companionship of a woman, and that Internet dating is somehow a new, more modern, better form of this. But we are willing to bet that neither of these things is actually true… and we will demonstrate to you that the best way to get what you truly desire is always going to be to book the time of our lovely professional entertainers. In other words, San Diego escorts beat traditional dating each and every time!

So how does conventional dating happen? What is it that you’ve been told your whole life? Well, it starts by you going out to clubs and bars, wasting your time in the form of long hours spent doing a whole lot of nothing but waiting. It’s a numbers game, you see. You have to spend time in those clubs and bars hoping that women notice you because, according to the traditional method of dating, there is no other way to encounter women. You could try to “meet cute” at a grocery store or speed dating session or some other kind of place where eligible men meet single women, but on the whole, your only options for meeting new women according to the conventional dating approach is to go out to clubs and bars and just kind of hang around. The purpose of all that hanging around is to encounter women, in singles or in groups, who might be receptive to you trying to strike up a conversation with them. Approaching women in these settings is a big part of the “pick up artist” material that was so popular a few years ago among guys who were trying to meet women and attempting to find another way to do it. But it isn’t easy to approach women in bars. You’ve got to deal with all the competition from other men in the bar or club trying to meet those same women. You’ve got to try and find some way to set yourself apart, and make yourself heard, even though there are countless factors working against you. From the dark lighting to the loud music to the fact that groups of women frequently travel in packs, the deck is stacked against you.

And make no mistake, unlike with San Diego escorts, groups of amateur, non-professional women in bars and clubs are not interested in actually being nice to you. Women enjoy the power that traditionally dating gives them. Specifically, they like being able to reject men who approach them because this makes them feel like they are in control. Women, when traveling in groups in clubs and bars, will often make sport of rejecting the men who try to talk to them, because this makes them look cool in front of their fellow girlfriends. The fact that they are actually working against their own interests and will probably end up alone doesn’t seem to enter into their minds when they are engaged in these sports. And even if one of the women in a group of women is receptive to your advances, her friends will naturally try to cock-block you by interfering in your attempts to talk to her. This seems to be a natural inclination of women when in groups of women, probably because the ones who are getting attention from men seem to make the ones who aren’t getting that attention resentful and jealous. This is just a fact of the traditional dating process and one of the many ways this process disadvantages you, a man, when you are trying to secure female companionship. Booking the time of a San Diego escort would be so much easier and so much more fun… but so many men are determined to keep at it the old-fashioned way, and they suffer as a result.

While you’re hanging around that club or bar, you are spending money like it is going out of style. You have to pay cover charges to get into some clubs. You also have to pay for drinks, both for yourself and for the women you try to chat up. Buying drinks for women is one of those things that most men do in order to break the ice and try to get a woman’s attention. So this means that you will spend all kinds of money while you hang around clubs and bars trying to pick up women. It would be so much easier to book a San Diego escort! San Diego escorts are always friendly and will put you through none of this nonsense. But there is another cost associated with hanging around clubs and bars trying to chat up and pick up women, and that is the opportunity cost of all those hours. By definition, hanging around clubs and bars is a waiting game. You have to wait for the foot traffic, the available women, to come to you. You’re kind of casting your net and waiting to see if you catch anything in it. All of those hours spent waiting to try and encounter someone so that you can chat them up are hours you can’t do anything else. It isn’t particularly enjoyable to spend your time like this, but when those hours are gone, they’re gone. You can’t do anything fun with that time, and you can’t even do any productive work to make your living. That time is just gone, and you’re left with nothing to show for it more often than not. San Diego escorts are so much better!

So let’s say that against all odds, you do encounter a woman who is receptive to you making conversation with her. When you talk to her, you must be on your guard every moment to avoid making a mistake. Anything you say that turns her off, any opinion you hold that she does not like, any offense she takes even if it is unintentional, could ruin the interaction. If she gets turned off, she’s going to shut down and leave you, so all the time you spent getting to that point will be wasted and again you’ll have nothing to show for it. All this time that you’re on your guard, chatting her up (and perhaps wishing you had simply booked a San Diego escort instead), what are you trying to accomplish? You’re trying to get her number so that you can continue chatting her up after your initial meeting. You do that because you want to arrange for an in-person date. Once you have her number, you’ll spend days or weeks locked into the torture that is small talk by text message. You’ll have to try and interpret her long silences, her cryptic replies, and all the other signals she might or might not be setting, all while you try to arrange for a date. And if you do arrange for that date, your troubles are only just beginning, because once you go out with her one on one, your potential to make a mistake increases. Again you’ll have to do everything in your power not to offend her while you try to steer clear of any possible conversation-breakers that could cause her to shut down and refuse you a second date. Your whole goal in dating her at that point is to impress her enough to get her to let you take her out again. This process repeats, again and again, as you try to get her to give you another date so that you can try to get her… to give you another date. The end goal is for you to try and secure a more firm commitment for a short-term or long-term relationship, ideally. At least, that is the goal of the traditional, conventional dating process.

Booking a San Diego escort would be so much simpler, so much more efficient, and so much more rewarding than all this, but let’s say you and the young lady do indeed end up in a relationship. That’s where your problems begin in earnest. This falls under the heading of, “Be careful what you wish for,” because once you are in a relationship with a woman, your freedom is over and your ability to run your life as you see fit is now in question. Sound overly dramatic to you? Well, think about it. Ask any group of guys in long-term relationships or marriages what it is like to be married. A lot of them will make a lot of noise about how great it is and how they don’t deserve their significant others, but this is all just really cover for what they truly think. The average man resents the amount of control his woman exerts over him, and also resents that he must bend over backwards to keep her happy with him and prevent her from being angry. He spends enough of his life enduring stress and anxiety about his job and various other pursuits. The last thing he wants when he comes home after a long day, or in the middle of the night when he is trying to sleep, is to fight with his significant other. Yet this is how women blackmail the men they are in relationships with. This is how they exert control over them. Women in relationships know that they can browbeat their men into doing as they wish by denying those men the peaceful enjoyment of their lives. And every man in a long term relationship knows what it is like to be held hostage to his woman’s displeasure.

It’s a fact of relationships that women are proven, in various studies, to be more controlling than men. A man who acted as women routinely do in relationships would be excoriated as a domestic abuser or some kind of controlling monster (if not both). Yet women can behave pretty much however they want, manipulating and controlling their men, disrespecting them and criticizing them, and this is seen as perfectly normal. Witness the sayings in our culture, which are corrosive and insidious, like, “If Momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.” This essentially declares all couples and family unites a matriarchy in which the matriarch’s displeasure is the only gauge of what is good or bad, and in which incurring her wrath incurs her punishment. That punishment comes in the form of the silent treatment, withholding affection, threatening to leave and abandon her significant other, and otherwise making him miserable, usually through casually cruel mistreatment and disrespect. And let’s talk about that disrespect, shall we? No San Diego escort would ever think of treating a man with disrespect, but women in relationships feel nothing about it. A man who says anything that can even be taken to imply that his woman is not completely perfect will have this fact held against him for the rest of his life. Women, by contrast, say truly vicious things in relationships when they are unhappy. They criticize and demean and denigrate their partners, questioning everything from their sexuality to their penis size to their career to their dreams and goals. Their temper cuts deeper than the sharpest knife as they go straight for what they know their partner values most, or what he is most insecure about. This is emotional cruelty on a grand scale… and every single woman does it when she gets angry. There are no exceptions. There are only varying degrees of cruelty.

This is what you are signing up for when you get into a relationship. You could have the no-strings-attached, no-obligation attention of a beautiful, friendly, personable San Diego escort, but instead you have chosen to find your way into a relationship (short term or long term) with an amateur, non-professional woman. You are now at her mercy. Relationships are no fun at all because today’s modern women are essentially overgrown children. They want what they want, when they want it, and if reality gets in the way, they will stomp their little feet and have a temper tantrum until those around them give in. Women are illogical and insecure at the best of times, which makes them unpredictable and difficult to deal with. Every man has experienced just how awful it can be to try to reason with his woman when she is angry. Often, they will behave in ways that hurt themselves and work against their own interests, simply to punish a man who has displeased them. Is this what you want? Is this how you want to spend your time? Do you want to live with someone who will treat you this way, withhold affection from you, criticize and browbeat you, and blackmail you emotionally into doing as she demands? Or would you like to book a San Diego escort and actually get the benefit of beautiful female companionship with none of these negative issues attached? Relationships are difficult, messy, and unpleasant. Even if she isn’t mad at you and trying to control you, she will expect you to deal with her problems, shoulder her burdens, and tolerate (if not cater to) her emotional baggage. If she has problems with her family, you get to deal with them. If she has debts, you get to shoulder them. If she has emotional issues or a terrible relationship with a tempestuous ex, you get to deal with those things too. At every turn, relationships expose you to stress, pressure, and anxiety that you would not have to deal with if you weren’t in them. Is any woman worth all that trouble? Is any relationship worth the stress it causes?

Most relationships will eventually fail, and when they do, more often than not it is because the woman has ended it. Women initiate the majority of divorces and breakups in the United States. This is a statistical fact. It may also have something to do with a genetically preprogrammed tendency in women to “trade up” in order to do better for themselves. There is a concept, called “hypergamy,” that says women will always choose a higher-value male, jumping from male to male and always trying to do better for themselves. In modern life this means that a young, attractive woman will chose the man with the most resources, which could mean the man with the most wealth, the man who is best looking, or the man who is toughest and most warrior-like, until she finds someone who is even better, a person whom she thinks of as an improvement on the last one. Then she will abandon her previous man in favor of the new one. Let’s talk about evolutionary psychology for a moment. By the time we are done, you will realize that booking a San Diego escort is far preferable to dealing with this evolutionary psychology in traditional relationships.

Women in ancient times were defined by their role of having and raising children. All human beings have the genetic drive to spread their heritage, their genetic legacy, on to the next generation. This is part of the survival instinct and it is why human beings instinctively procreate, then devote so much in the way of time and resources to making sure their kids survive and go on to have kids of their own. In ancient times, this meant that tribes of primitive humans were organized around hunting and gathering food while shielding and caring for any of their number who were pregnant women. Only in doing so would the tribe continue on to the next generation. But because women were incredibly vulnerable when they were pregnant, and because they could only be guaranteed to carry one child to term at a time (reducing their ability to have kids to about one per year, if they managed to survive multiple child births), they had to be incredibly selective about whom they chose to be the father. And more than that, the father of their child had to be able to provide for them and protect them while they were pregnant and practically helpless toward the end of the pregnancy term. This means that the man they chose either had to be strong enough and tough enough to fight off hostile human beings and predatory animal threats, or he had to have the resources to keep her fed, warm, and provided for, or he had to be exceptionally attractive and healthy sexually. To this day, programmed into women’s brains, is this desire for these qualities in a man. In other words, women want “high value” men — men who exhibit these traits, all of which answer some genetic, preprogrammed need in the female psyche.

Men, by contrast, don’t bear children, and in ancient times they were reasonably mobile. Stronger and faster than women, generally, not to mention physically bigger, men of ancient times, just as men today, could remain virile into old age. It is to a man’s advantage to impregnate as many women as possible, since he isn’t the one tasked with raising the children (or wasn’t in ancient times). Genetically, then, men are preprogrammed to select women for their physical attractiveness. It doesn’t matter to them if the woman in question has money or doesn’t have money, if she is intelligent or she is not intelligent, if she is powerful or lacks power completely. They only want to bed her if she looks good, and that’s all they care about. These evolutionary psychology attitudes translate from ancient times today. That means that men today are still just as likely to want a woman if she is physically attractive, regardless of any of her other qualities. They don’t care if she has power and they don’t care if she has resources. They find their interest in her body enough reason to desire her. Women, by contrast, are programmed by their genetic heritage and thousands of years of psychological and emotional reinforcement to care only about a man’s resources and his ability to protect her, as well as his physical attractiveness and health as a secondary measure. What does this mean for you? It means that you are at the mercy of a woman’s evolutionary psychology whenever you are in a relationship with her… and for you, the man, that’s bad.

Because in ancient times a woman had to have a man who could provide for her, and because these evolutionary drives are still ingrained in women to this day (just as they inform what men like and prefer), women will abandon any man who cannot provide for them. Ask any man who has gone through bankruptcy or a job loss. Women will almost always leave a man who has experienced financial difficulties. This is doubly true for a man who experiences health problems. Women will never stay with a man who requires constant care and who has debilitating problems. They will always find a reason to abandon him and find a fully functional man who can provide for them or otherwise serve them. Women are supposed to be nurturing, but they are not when it comes to the men in their lives. They are not sympathetic to a man who has health problems and they demand a man who has resources they can exploit. But they don’t simply leave men because those men have problems. They will also leave perfectly healthy men with resources if a man with more resources, or who otherwise has high value, comes along and catches their eye. The result is that women will always trade up when the option comes along. It has been said that men are only as loyal as their options, but this is doubly true of women. A man who is being unfaithful still provides for his significant other. A woman whose head has been turned will simply leave her significant other for the higher-value male.

This is why San Diego escorts are so much better than traditional relationships. You never have to worry about impressing a San Diego escort. You never have to be anybody but yourself. You don’t have to censor yourself. You don’t have to sit there on pins and needles, worrying about saying the wrong thing. You can be who you wish to be, knowing that you have taken control of a process that happens on your terms and on your timetable. Do you really want to be at the mercy of a non-professional woman’s evolutionary psychology? Do you really want to be controlled and blackmailed? Do you want to sign up for another boss or parent, as this is how a woman will treat you in a relationship? Yet every man wants to spend time in the company of lovely young women, and we completely understand that. When you want to do that, you have to either deal with relationships that might never work out and might produce a lower-quality woman for you to spend time with… or you can book a beautiful professional entertainer with the Ladies of San Diego. Get a top-quality woman who knows the score. Book with the Ladies of San Diego.